ADDING life back INTO work

A marketing consulting firm

We conducted a baseline study to identify potential retention opportunities for employees at all levels of the organization. Employees were provided with anonymous channels for sharing retention ideas, expectations and wishes with the organization. Through this process we identified opportunities for adopting best practices to meet the changing needs of the top consultants. In the end we created the baseline for a company-wide retention program geared at reducing turnover while increasing employee morale and making the firm even more attractive to prospective employees.

A health service team

Through their work with us, this health service team was able to pinpoint competencies critical to their mission and support the development of those competencies. With the benefit of new clarity on job roles and responsibilities as well as team goals, team members collaborated more effectively and explored creative ways to enhance their internal communication and other key processes, all adding life to their shared commitment to having happier, healthier patients.

A group of biotech leaders

A growing company needs to be growing talent continuously to meet business demands. This group of Quality leaders sought our support in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to build a coaching culture. They learned a process model for coaching, developed skills through practice sessions using real work situations and received personalized feedback from experienced coaches and peers. They are now equipped to improve the quality of their performance management and career development in addition to ensuring the quality of their products.

A global manufacturing company

Our ongoing relationship with this organization is focused on the development and implementation of the company people strategy. In partnership with the senior management team, we continue to strategize ways to maximize employee contributions. With a strong focus on overall business results, we designed and communicated a highly successful performance management system, then developed and facilitated a variety of programs to improve communication and solidify policies and practices. We identified their current and desired culture worldwide to support a “one–company” approach regardless of geography.

The business development function

With a desire to improve their interactions with prospective clients and also with the attorneys they support, this business development group went off-site with us to work on critical political skills. These included managing their power image, raising their profile both inside and outside of the organization and promoting themselves and their function more effectively. Employing these techniques, the team has improved its record of closing deals for the firm, established better working relationships with the associates and partners they support and discovered they are enjoying themselves more in the process.