ADDING life back INTO work


By facilitating collaborative, self-organizing, cross-functional teams to work on evolving and emerging change, Jupiter adds life back into change.

Successful leaders know that in today’s uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, the only constant is change. They also understand that their role is to excite and engage their employees towards a future, desired state. To create a “toward” state – helping people feel safe enough to leave the old behind and move into ambiguity. To help manage the anxiety that comes along with change. And to find opportunities to create change in the ‘here and now.’

Our Approach

Jupiter’s approach to change helps individuals, teams, and leaders focus on changing how things get done, not what gets done. We believe in trusting the people involved to solve the issues that are important to them. We believe that change begins with self, must be done in ‘real time,’ and driven by strong leadership. We also believe that individuals, teams, and organizations evolve and adapt in order to meet the demands of a changing world, and that this emergent change cannot be ‘managed, controlled and planned for.’ Jupiter’s goal is to equip individuals, teams, and organizations to be confident and capable of dealing with the changes that come their way.

The only thing you can really change is what’s happening right now. Jupiter works with teams to assess people, processes, systems, and structures to uncover whether, and how, they support or sabotage the change trying to be implemented. In ‘real time,’ we work with teams on how they are currently doing the work and how they need to be doing the work going forward.


We develop leaders’ capacity for effective storytelling, coaching, neuro-leadership, and building change skills. By expanding change capability, we ensure everyone in the organization plays a role in driving change at all levels. Jupiter consultants help leaders to create a strong pull, a magnetic energy, towards the organisation’s purpose. Helping leaders to draw people’s attention to the tough issues getting in the way, we ‘amplify disturbance’ and create forward movement. We also help leaders create time and space for transformation to take place.

Change starts with ‘self” so Jupiter consultants begin the change work with the individuals involved, helping them to ‘live the change they want to see.’ Even when the change is being imposed from the outside (the economy, the competition, etc.), we help individuals manage their attitudes and mind-sets.


Jupiter delivers agile change programs; programs that focus on people over process, collaboration over command and control, responding to change instead of following a change plan. By doing so, Jupiter increases the speed of delivery of change, reduces the high costs associated with traditional business transformation, and keeps employees engaged!