ADDING life back INTO work


Improving mental effectiveness, performance results, and well-being adds life back into work.

Our current reality presents us with unprecedented challenges. The pressures, relentless demands, deluges of information, and high expectations require us to respond on a 24/7 basis. This reality assails our ability to sustain resiliency and creativity. Technology, a pivotal tool for success, can also produce a fragmented and stressed mind. This distracted mind state is the antithesis of necessary attention required for high performance results. Is there an antidote for addressing our current reality? Yes!

Leaders who practice Corporate Mindfulness, a series of daily pragmatic mental exercises, report they are more focused, calmer, and clearer. Research and individual experiences report Mindfulness results in:

  • Enhanced awareness and greater clarity in making decisions
  • Increased ability to resist distraction and focus on priorities
  • Sharper cognitive abilities to perceive and respond appropriately to complex situations
  • Breaking habitual ways of reacting that do not effectively address the circumstances
  • Building greater resiliency to be grounded and balanced under stress
  • Greater recall and alignment of core priorities and values during the maelstrom of work life
  • Improved innovative responses to unremitting demands and changes

In partnership with the Potential Project, we help organizations address some of their biggest challenges around performance, engagement, and employee well-being.

We offer the following services:

Mindful Leadership Coaching

This 21st century reality demands new Leadership competencies of enhanced focus, calm, resilience, clarity, and empathy. The Mindfulness coaching methodology is a concrete and pragmatic process for developing higher Emotional Intelligence: enhancing greater self-awareness, increasing self-management, and enriching capacity for social intelligence. Leaders become more effective in understanding the needs of key stakeholders, resulting in a greater capacity to inspire, align, and engage them in necessary and unrelenting change.

General Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness training programs are customized to the needs and business drivers of the client. We offer a variety of mental effectiveness programs tailored to client’s business priorities. The 4-10 week series called Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) has been researched to have the greatest ROI.

Cultivate Mindful Cultures

Our Mindfulness training and methodology has a dual focus of increasing individual capabilities while simultaneously fostering a more collective way of mindfully and innovatively handling work processes. As a result of our Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT), participants work collaboratively, challenging the habitually practiced norms that are counterproductive to effective performance within teams and organizations, and cultivate more vital and engaged ways of obtaining desired results.

All of our services, whether an in-house Mindfulness workshop, leadership coaching, a key note address, a series of workshops for leaders and employees, or a mindfulness retreat, involve a scientific and investigative approach for conducting business with greater presence, patience, creativity, and humanity.

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