ADDING life back INTO work


Our coaching is designed to add life back into leaders, allowing them to enjoy greater organizational success, personal well-being, and overall satisfaction.

Successful leaders know more than their business; they know themselves.

They are savvy enough to realize that great intentions don’t necessarily yield great results. They know undiscovered blind spots can undermine their best efforts to lead with integrity and have impact. They have the courage and wisdom to turn inward to reflect upon the unique combination of values, motives, skills, strengths, and personal qualities that make up their distinct leadership approach. And they are very aware of how incredibly difficult it can be to fully engage in such self-discovery and development with openness, honesty, and consistent discipline amid the relentless demands of their professional and personal lives.


Jupiter’s individualized coaching approach helps leaders at all levels tap into their personal well-spring of strengths. It is our conviction that each individual brings great capabilities, creativity, and resilience. Jupiter coaches engage in a process that honors the individual and his or her most deeply held values while taking into account personal and professional goals as well as the demands of the business.

We draw on our profound respect for the uniqueness of each individual and our extensive backgrounds in the areas of human development, systems, team and organizational development theory and practice. Through a highly reflective and practical process, leaders become more aware of their patterns of thought and action. They identify their strengths and unrealized strengths (potential), and ways to leverage these in order to address current business challenges. Finally, they listen to and integrate feedback provided with good intent from multiple sources.

Outcomes of successful coaching engagements include:

  • Leaders have an increased capacity to lead others, inspire the organization, and achieve desired business results.
  • Leaders identify and commit to practicing their personal values, leading with their heart, and having passion for their leadership purpose.
  • Leaders have increased levels of self-awareness and ability to mine wisdom learned from past leadership experiences to expand their ability to lead with authenticity.
  • Leaders renew confidence in themselves, and engender a greater sense of commitment to their purpose and goals.