ADDING life back INTO work


Jupiter adds life back into work by facilitating processes and programs that get results.

To facilitate means “to make easier, to help something run more smoothly and effectively.” That is exactly what we do as we work with leaders, teams, and organizations to accomplish the dual objectives of addressing concrete business needs while strengthening key capabilities and team dynamics.

Top leaders are faced with daunting challenges in guiding teams and organizations to solid results. They hope to promote full participation in generating solutions even amid the pressure to move quickly and decisively. They need to drive direction and inspire without becoming dictatorial. Striving for high degrees of trust and candor, leaders may struggle with teams that hold back or play it safe. Through the skillful design and facilitation of key processes, Jupiter sets the stage for greater openness and resourcefulness as leaders and teams accurately identify core business issues and generate innovative solutions. With shared commitment and clear accountability, leaders can confidently implement informed decisions.

Jupiter’s expert facilitators add life back into leaders and teams, enabling them to tap into individual strengths to collectively tackle business issues smoothly and effectively. We excel at collaborating to design, facilitate, and evaluate processes and meetings. Our approach promotes full engagement, creative thinking, and commitment to practical courses of action.

Examples of processes Jupiter facilitates:

  • Leadership Transitions
  • New Manager Assimilation
  • Focus Groups
  • Project Team Launch
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Issue Identification and Resolution
  • Executive Team Off-Sites
  • Team Formation
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Change Kick-Off
  • Team Building

We also facilitate highly interactive, practical, skill-building programs focused on developing key competencies for effective, authentic leadership. Learn about the following courses: